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Aaronsuper, the scale for measuring discomfort while waiting for a parcel

Today on the shoutbox we came up with the concept of a standardized way of describing the stress, pain and general discomfort we all feel while waiting for the package with robot parts we ordered on the Internet.

We named the standard after Aaronsuper1 who waited quite long for the last, but damn important part, which completely prohibited him from getting started on anything. We decided that exactly that level is one on the scale: 1 aaronsuper.

It is quite hard, and definitely not something you want to try yourself, to reach above 1 aaronsuper, but we believe that Andres must be around 2 aaronsuper with his experience dealing with diybin. In general its bad if you get screwed in a online deal!

For really bad cases there is the superaaron scale. One superaaron equals pi^2 * aaronsuper,  or for a rough estimate 10. But this is bad!

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Yeah, funny thing is you never know hos fast the post office is moving. Once the package is out of my hands, I can't control it anymore. Usually I ship 24-48 hours from when the order was placed, but sometimes I am out of town for a couple of days and I might ship late, but I always let people know something happened. Although I use the cheapest shipping possible from Canada, I never lost a package. They don't offer a tracking number unless you use the freaking expensive service (Canada Post stinks, but there are no other options available). Large stores use some kind of business agreament with them where they get a discount for volume, I can't get it yet, but I'm hoping I'll get there soon.

On the other hand, I am at the same end of the line as Aaronsuper when I order from other stores. Here is a thing that happened to me lately. I placed an order from DFRobot and they offer only DHL shipping to Canada, which costs $15. Somehow a motor was lost from my order and I needed to place another order and pay $15 shipping (which is way less than what Canada Post is offering) for a $5 motor. So I ordered one from Robotshop.ca, but to my desperation the motors don't match. Same size, look the same, but different speeds. Now what?

I whish they would continue to work on the Philadelphia experiment and use the teleportation for goods only, if people are affected by cancers and other bad things. I hate to wait 3-4 weeks for something to get here from China, although I don't think using the teleportation would be inexpensive too.

Anyways, if they conitued to work on the Philadelphia experiment then the military could not justify there existance in their current form.