Let's Make Robots!

Humphrey - my start here bot

avoids walls

This is humphrey the tempremental robot.

he is my variation of the start here robot (why do i refere to it as he) basicly the sme but with tracks and an ausome rocker switch,which is so fun to press - yeah i am pretty sad.

unfortunately he can only go up stuff that is lower than his wooden body unlike i hoped :(. 


wooden height restriction:(.

yay i have now programmed it and given it a top hat, it goes well with the name humphrey

the question is now what to do next. i think i'm going to move around the wheel layout and make the robot less 'fally aparty'

but then i think i'm going to do some form of motion tracking or a grabber.

cool switch at back

sorry didn't mean to call it my first project, i just used imovie on mac and that was the default name.

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if you bring the idler weal closer to the drive sprocket you cam improve your ground clearance

The construction is not good for climbing big obstacles. Your front of the base (chassies) have to be shorter than the front wheels as you did it on the rearside. right now your robot is hitting the obstacle in front of it with the chassies first and not with the tracks to climb up.

Also the space between the support wheels (Chuck called them idel wheel) have to be less. 

yeah, i see now how i could of attached all the wheels/sprockets better. i'm not quite sure wat you (lumi) mean about the shorter chassies but they're probably going to snap off soon as there is just bits of straw glued on. the strack set came with some screws to screw into wood and have the wheels on but i didn't use these because they were too permanent (origonally my wheels and sprockets were placed out worse than this and i had to move them) and mainly becase there was no option as to how far out the wheels went and they wouldn't align very well with the the drive sprocket.

i really havn't done anything like this before and should have just bought the tamiya universal plate set which they are supposed to fit easily onto.

thanks to everyone on lmr for the information on here and putting up with my questions :)

Ok, i will try to explain it. The front wheels with the tracks should be in front of the frame/chassis/base/body. Why? Because if your bot runs into an obstacle the frame now hits it first. With the wheels more in front the tracks would hit the obstacle and climb over.

Not sure if this explain it better...just check pictures of tanks then you see what i mean. front and rear edge of the vehicle should be the tracks.

aahhh cheers get it now :D

i'm thinking about putting the front wheels forward a bit but then the only space for the servo and sharp ir would be at the back. that would look a bit silly and it would see its self and try to avoid its self (ever reversing and turning) .

Well, just cut the front part with the sensor servo off - as close to the axle as possible. Then put the sensor servo on top of the wheel servos. However, it's getting higher than now but it should work.