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Sell your robot design

Hi Guys,

Consider this an initial test, and if it works out well, we will get more organized and set things in a system. But for now..:

If you have a robot that you think would make a great gadget as a finished product, you now have the option of selling this design to our friends at Seed Studio.

They will eventually need this:
A finished and working prototype, Gerber files, Eagle files, and Bill of Materials.

But first they need to approve the product.

So the way you move ahead is as follows:

  1. Find your own, or somebody else's cool robot / something else.
  2. If you are not capable of doing the preliminary work, or if the project is not your own, you will need to gather a team, ensuring that together you can deliver what Seed Studio needs, as described above.
  3. Contact Fritsl with a link to a video of a working prototype, and a short letter describing who is on your team.
  4. Wait, and we will get back to you.

If the project looks promising, you will make an agreement with Seed Studio, who will put it into production, and sell it. You share the profit with Seed Studio, apart from 10% that goes to run LMR. Everything is transparent.

We mainly need 2 types of product categories:

A) "Gadgets"; Stuff that people will buy for fun. Stuff that takes no experience to operate. Cool stuff, useful stuff, fun gadgets.

B) Products aimed at Makers/hackers; Cool stuff, ready to run out of the box, but perhaps it's programmable, or maybe it's easy to take a part and make something else from.

Robots are in focus, there is a reason for this opportunity to be here, on this site.

Best of luck to any one, or team entering, and we are looking forward to hearing from you :)


Frits and Liao

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Since many ideas on LMR are not copywrited, what is stopping seeedstudio from just taking your design without an agreement?

Many people have found the open hardware concept difficult to accept at first, but there are many cases of it working out. Real companies like Arduino and Adafruit post many of their product hardware schematics, Gerber files, etc. 

By working with a company like Seeedstudio, Frits has provided an channel for your ideas. 

Agreed, however with the Arduino concept, the company (Which has the resources to make the Arduino boards) is giving the user the design. The user probably does not have the resources to inexpensively make the Arduinos, thus, Arduino still makes a reasonable amount of money (also, if any other companies make clones from the designs, Arduino still has enough market share that they still make money).

If you are emailing the design to SeeedStudio, a company who definitely has the resources to build it, the chances of them taking the design and just making without an agreement it is higher.

That said, I don't think SeeedStudio is the kind of company that would rip anyone off like that.

BTW. Thanks fritsl for making this offer available, I still think it is a great way that people can get their product to market while still helping out LMR (great site BTW) . Also, I hope I did not offend any open source people, I fully agree with the open source hardware-software thing, and hope that more companies decide to go that route.

No worries. I don't think anyone should have been offended by your comment. At least I was not. It's perfectly reasonable to want to protect your ideas. 

On the other hand, if you are just looking for a way to get your design out there an produced, this is a nice way to do it. Hopefully a win-win-win scenario.

I have a mural drawing robot that could be used to teach trigonometry, physics, engineering, mechanics, machining (gcode), Arduino, Java, eletronics, wiring, electricity, the metric system, and probably more.  A full write up is available on LMR here.  I am starting to sell the kits for $150.  Would you like to sell it through your site?  Please PM me if you're interested. 

Hmm.. It's interesting, and this project has a long history as well.

How about Gerber files, and Eagle files?

If someone wants to add support for those formats, yes.  I imagine there's gerber -> gcode and eagle -> gocde converters already.  One of the many reasons for choosing gcode is so that it is both educational (I've seen this before!) and we can piggy back on existing software.

OK, cool :)

Now, if you are interested in doing this together, please follow the instructions above, and we will take it from there :)

Note that you can also go directly to Seeed yourself, and so if this becomes a hit, you will make more profit!

Cheers :D

You forgot art.

"and probably more"

If you can build a lesson plan around it then it counts.