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Sell your robot design

Hi Guys,

Consider this an initial test, and if it works out well, we will get more organized and set things in a system. But for now..:

If you have a robot that you think would make a great gadget as a finished product, you now have the option of selling this design to our friends at Seed Studio.

They will eventually need this:
A finished and working prototype, Gerber files, Eagle files, and Bill of Materials.

But first they need to approve the product.

So the way you move ahead is as follows:

  1. Find your own, or somebody else's cool robot / something else.
  2. If you are not capable of doing the preliminary work, or if the project is not your own, you will need to gather a team, ensuring that together you can deliver what Seed Studio needs, as described above.
  3. Contact Fritsl with a link to a video of a working prototype, and a short letter describing who is on your team.
  4. Wait, and we will get back to you.

If the project looks promising, you will make an agreement with Seed Studio, who will put it into production, and sell it. You share the profit with Seed Studio, apart from 10% that goes to run LMR. Everything is transparent.

We mainly need 2 types of product categories:

A) "Gadgets"; Stuff that people will buy for fun. Stuff that takes no experience to operate. Cool stuff, useful stuff, fun gadgets.

B) Products aimed at Makers/hackers; Cool stuff, ready to run out of the box, but perhaps it's programmable, or maybe it's easy to take a part and make something else from.

Robots are in focus, there is a reason for this opportunity to be here, on this site.

Best of luck to any one, or team entering, and we are looking forward to hearing from you :)


Frits and Liao

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I think a robot made of paint sticks or popsicle sticks would be great. It would help show that robots arn't just futuristic things that looks like humans but square and speek in a funny voice.

Well, I really appreciate LMR, I really really do! I'm willing to do a great deal of volunteer work if thats what needed to keep it alive and kicking!

I made this delta robot you know. It's damn simple and could be turned into a kit, but as lumi said about my roller, not a right angle anywhere! Thats my very limited craftsmanship showing it's ugly face.

If I had patrickmccabe's, and so many others, skills with mechanical design and production, I would gladly have drawn and build slick delta robot kit and donated the design to LMR. But I have not. I'm quite sure that Seed Studio does not seek a snapped popcicle's with glue and rubber bands design.

You have hereby been invited to a joint venture! We are going to make the most awesome kit together! (and it definitely does not have to be a delta robot)

And if Seed Studio does not want it anyway, we still have made something cool

Cheers - though note, regarding "donations"; I'm only suggesting that 10% goes to run LMR. That is 90% to the guys doing it, you know ;)

On the other hand, I am sure that a product made by LMRians will by hyped by LMRians, so it could be better business in the end - over "going solo" :)

Being a Dane I will be taxed to death on any extra income, Frits you for one know that!

I will be getting way more bang for the effort having the LMR site getting even better.

I'm building robots in my spare time, and I really don't want my hobby to become an income generator, I'm afraid that it will spoil the fun, like the ring, it will twist my mind and soul.

First thing..."no right angle" means no disrespect ;-) I like designs like that, just functionality...better looking can be achieved later.

I guess the idea of selling desgns is a good one and could encourage some people to build even more cool things. I am also trying to sell my designs but before I can I have to make it customer friendly, means lasercutted parts, clean programming and payable.

But I also see the market for a robot kit made of paint sticks and chopsticks since its apperantly cheap and funny.

Anyway, it's just my opinion, not sure if others would try to sell those kits ;-)

If this is working then LMR could have a good base to cover some costs. 


collected. I personally think this is areally nice opportunity for some members to try and earn some profit out of their hobby! 

Seed Studio wont products to sell , robot kit ,sensors (ie odd bot's compound IR sensor ), gizmo and gadgets , that's how they stay open and pay the rent .  there will be some too and frowning, getting your product submissions up to a Seed Studio standard if that accept at all.  robot projects you might be hard pressed convincing them to buy it, kit bot's are for beginners (i accept that there are very advanced kits out there ) a lot of the same thing over and over again , forget kits  think parts for an eg (garth's hallo project ) if there was a part that would do a spinning laser hallo id buy it  or  a mounting for the cam and ball idea .

""" the things you would like to make a thing out of """

,jamming  another line /light /ping/sharp/servo/motor bot in to the market is rather point less , unless seed don't have in catalog go ahead fill that page,,that would probably be your best tactic find out what Seed Studio don't have and sell it to them (know your enemy and know your self ) 

ummm what's stopping someone sending Seed Studios an e-mail with there idea and cutting you right out Frits unless unsolicited ideas are not excepted at all for some copyright thing

bla bla bla im just banging on  but ya get that on forum

that is my uninformed opinion         

As I read your mail, you say "Seed Studio are alwys seeking stuff, why should we give LMR 10%"?

You are right - You can just go to them and bypass LMR, no problem. I just figured that we are together here, and we are not if there are no LMR, and without anything to pay for hosting and development, there is no LMR.

Seed came to me and asked if I could try and get some of the talented people on LMR to submit, and so I figured this would be the most fair way of doing things.

But DAGU are selling stickers with LMR logo without paying a thing back to LMR, and you can get togehter on LMR and make profit elsewhere - I do not have a problem with it - This is my post, I figured this would be nice, and I am working with everybody to try and make things happen, that's all :)

But DAGU are selling stickers with LMR logo without paying a thing back to LMR

Dagu sends people right to LMR for technical support on their products.  And some of the best posts ever on this site come from Oddbot.  I'd hate to see Dagu and LMR butt heads over this sort of thing.

I can understand that it costs to run the site, and that it's necessary to get it to pay if it's going to stay open.  Which leads me to wonder why there are NO ads to say, Pololu, Sparkfun, Robotshop. . .I'm sure that you have your reasons, and I know how advertising space can be abused, but. . .Never mind.  I'm sure I must be poking a nerve on somebody or other.

As for the idea you've come up with. . .My impression is that folks who possess so much enterprenurial skill already have their own companies.  (Like CTC.)  Some folks who are using school or work resources might get a different attitude if suddenly there is a revenue stream involved.

I'm not saying it's a bad idea.  Just that. . .I dunno.I saw the title of this post and a big can of worms popped into my head.

Gotta admit tho fritsi, you're getting imaginitvie coming up with sources of income for the site.

A few years ago my boss decided to get some LMR mugs, keyrings and stickers made. The Idea was that if LMR members bought our products directly from us we would offer them a discount and include things like stickers and keyrings for free. The coffee mugs had to be paid for because of their manufacturing cost and shipping weight.

Well, no profit was made by us, in fact because shipping cost were so high from China to your doorstep ($20 for a reliable courier) it took a long time to give away stuff and we still have a lot of stickers.

To this day I direct customers with problems to this site and do a lot of my tech support here so I can promote LMR. I think many of my customers had not heard of LMR until they bought a DAGU product. In this way at least I hope I am helping LMR grow into a bigger and better community.

If Seed Studio want to buy your designs then that is no problem for us. I hope both you and Seed Studio do well from colaboration.

Let me explain a few things based on almost 3 years in China making robot kits and accessories.

Ulike toys that are manufactured and sold in 100,000's or more. Robot stuff is lucky if it sells in the 1000's. This means that delelopment cost such as engineering time, mold cost, warehouse cost to name a few mush be shared over a relatively small number of sales. This places a lot of restrictions on what can be made and makes robot stuff more expensive.

Because of these restrictions it can often be difficult to produce an end product exactly as the designer would like. There often ends up being a lot of compromise in the design. I found it was essential for me to come to China to have my designs made otherwise the communication and translation problems became too great. Even now I face translation problems and mis-understandings almost every day.

If you have a really cool design like Jamie did with his spider and you want to make money from it then you really need to go to a toy manufacturer as Jamie did. To the best of my knowledge these companies do not like to invest on such products unless they can patent some part of it so they have some legal defence if anyone copies it. This helps to protect their investment. If you've posted your design on LMR then that may kill any chance of a patent.