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Sell your robot design

Hi Guys,

Consider this an initial test, and if it works out well, we will get more organized and set things in a system. But for now..:

If you have a robot that you think would make a great gadget as a finished product, you now have the option of selling this design to our friends at Seed Studio.

They will eventually need this:
A finished and working prototype, Gerber files, Eagle files, and Bill of Materials.

But first they need to approve the product.

So the way you move ahead is as follows:

  1. Find your own, or somebody else's cool robot / something else.
  2. If you are not capable of doing the preliminary work, or if the project is not your own, you will need to gather a team, ensuring that together you can deliver what Seed Studio needs, as described above.
  3. Contact Fritsl with a link to a video of a working prototype, and a short letter describing who is on your team.
  4. Wait, and we will get back to you.

If the project looks promising, you will make an agreement with Seed Studio, who will put it into production, and sell it. You share the profit with Seed Studio, apart from 10% that goes to run LMR. Everything is transparent.

We mainly need 2 types of product categories:

A) "Gadgets"; Stuff that people will buy for fun. Stuff that takes no experience to operate. Cool stuff, useful stuff, fun gadgets.

B) Products aimed at Makers/hackers; Cool stuff, ready to run out of the box, but perhaps it's programmable, or maybe it's easy to take a part and make something else from.

Robots are in focus, there is a reason for this opportunity to be here, on this site.

Best of luck to any one, or team entering, and we are looking forward to hearing from you :)


Frits and Liao

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Hey - no "nerves", no hot spots, no problems..

I am more than happy that DAGU makes LMR merchandize. It's cool stuff!! Really!

My point was not to say that DAGU should pay royality to LMR for this, but to say that this thing we have going here is our thing - and if one person can make profit, then that is great! If you should decide to make promotional T-shirts and pay some money to run LMR, that is cool. And if you should decide to make LMR T-shirts, and keep all money to yourself, that is cool!

I try to show a good example, by making the Start Here robot's - and have made a deal with some people that they pay LMR a cut. It's all very transparent, and the money does not go to my account, but to rik's, who pays Dan for hosting etc.

I am doing 1.001 things on, and for LMR all the time - often I try to make money to the site, because it costs to run and develop, specially with the size it has now. And I come up with all sorts of ideas.

Often I get mails from people, like here, I got a mail from Seeed (that is 3*e, not sure why that is so hard for me to learn :D) - And so I just thought that perhaps some one out there would like to do something together.. At least I thought it was not a problem to ask around, set up some "rules", see if we could get something going.. This is what I do all the time, you know :) I set up some frames, and you take it from there, if you want..

And it's going really well - You rock, you know :) I cannot beleive so much that people are doing, I think it's really fantastic, and I think about it every day!

So no talk about profit and ownership, please :) ALABTU!

"As i read your mail " what's that mean?<<<<<<<that has dun my head in dude

and im aware of the cost of hosting  

how you run this site is up to you

and im so glad that seed came to you

what ever keeps  LMR going  i love this site and what you have created

im sad that you felt like you need to defend your self against my post not my intention :( im sorry for that  i tryed to qualify the statement as an uniformed opinion, so it.was to be disregarded like so much crap   but you can't read minds 

if i had a project that seed would accept i would gladly donate it to LMR  well the first 1   



All is cool :) And thanks :)

Q: How about including non-open source parts, such as from Pololu or PICAXE?

A: If the design is approved, we could contact the Pololu or PICAXE and by the parts from them.


Q: Will my name be related to the design after the work is done?

A: The designer’s name will be appeared on the product and the shop page both. You can check that we have page to list all of our cooperated designers.



Q: How about deadlines?

A: We don’t give any pressure to the designer on the delivery for the design. We will wait till they think their designs can satisfy themselves first.

I dont have something in mind at the moment but if someone was to sell his design to seeedstudio ,would they mention his name as the designer of it ?

I guess there are different lizences available.

1. you sell the whole thing and that's it. No mention of your name or it's origin...the product belongs to the buyer

2. you can sell the lizence of the design (like software) and let them use it for their producst but you are still the copyright owner of the design

Am i right Fritsl? BTW, how do you proofe that the design belongs to the guy/girl who sent it to you? If it's just limited to the published projects here in LMR then it should not be a problem.


I think you will find your answer by entering a gadget shop, and see when the designer and crew behind a product has their name on it: Sometimes, but usually not. It will enter your own CV, and if that should get impressive, you have a name, making your name important for the sale. But it is quite rare that I know who designed products I buy.

I have my two bots which I'd like to see sold as kits. I have/can generate the DXF files for the parts and I can do the PCB designs as well. 

Of course the two projects might need some more time spent over them as they are pretty much WIP's at least related to electronics/programming.

The thing is that once a project is approve I assume they will expect a deadline to be met for delivery ... that might be a problem for most of us.

I think you are selling the design. You are not assembling the product or kit because they have the ability to do that. (I think)

Confirmed :)