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yet Another First Robot (yAFRO)

A simple "first robot" that navigates around using IR

So, here's my first robot (yAFRO)

It has nothing exceptional other than running on Arduino instead of PICaxe and being built form an old snakes and ladders board. I choosed this track geometry to make it different than the usuall Tamiya tank chassis. 


I still have much to do; the motor driver still doesn't work and I have to learn how to program the Arduino.


Since it's Arduino it can't be powered by only 4 AA batteries, do you have any good idea what type of battery I could use?

I chose not to use normal 9v batteries because I want something a bit more powerful, maybe 6 or 8 AA batteries, I don't know.

I'll update it when I have anything done.  Maybe even some videos if I have it running.


*CORRECTIONS, I changed AAA for AA, my error.*

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There are plenty of batteries to choose from. Pololu have many, or you can just go to a local model car shop, they surely have great choice.

Nice chassis, looking forward to see it completed :)

I've considered RC Hobby batteries (NiMh or LiPo) but I didn't want to buy a charger for them my budget is relatively limited.


thanks, for your help though.

I am not sure if you have seen the battery backpack for the arduino. i am just learning all this too, but i think that it will meet your needs to power the arduino, but I plan on using other batteries to run the motors.

Liquidware : Lithium BackPack

I have seen the Lithium backpack, it's too expensive to me, the arduino cost about 30$ and the Lithium backpack is 47$ but it can be charged via USB wich is very cool.
I used 4xAA for the servo power (which I attached to wheels) and a 9V for the Arduino.  It has the added benefit that I can disable power to the wheels while programming/testing.

beautiful design!!  congrats  ;)

i guess you can use a 9V battery for the Arduino and sensors and 4 AA batteries for the motors