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Primo S

Navigate around via IR
Primo-S.bas1.85 KB


This is second version of my robot Primo. It is Lighter, Faster, Smaller and nicer (I think :D ). It is controlled by Picaxe-08M. I used one IR sensor connected on pin 4 (ADC), two geared motors connected on pins 0 and 1, and finaly one servo connected on pin 2. On pin 3 I want connected bumper, but the motors do not go backwards :( . H-bridge is L293D. I am going to build next Primo with three servos, bumper, and ultrasonic sensor.

Primo and Mainboard of Primo S.



Primo and Mainboard with baterry pack.



Some Photo:








 Charging. I used battery with 1000mAh.


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love the the mini skate bored truck as the dolly weal  

i like the little pcb, it looks so neat!

I was just thinking how well the obstacle avoidance was working, when it plowed into the wall!

Very smooth operation, and I love the new smaller body with the home etched board. Looks great!