Let's Make Robots!

careful with tools, kids.

So I guess this is as good as time as any to post my first blog post.


A warning on the dangers of robotery.

Don't get so into your work that you forget about safety.

I was shaving off some plastic from a wheel to use it as a homemade pulley for moving a motor for Mr. Tea, when the exacto knife slipped and sliced into my finger.

I didn't think it was too bad until blood came gushing out, turning my sink a lovely shade.

My husband was yelling at me to not move my finger while I flexed it, checking to make sure I didn't sever any tendons.


Luckily, I didn't make it that far, but my husband is now watching over my shoulder while I work to make sure I play it safe.

No more fun stuff *sigh*

The blood hides it, I couldn't take the towel off of it fast enough to get a clear picture.


Play it safe everyone! 

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did a similar thing as you, TheCowGod, cut the top bit of my lft thum dow the middle, after it stopped bleeding i could pull the bit with the finger print from the bit with the nail. it took loads of time to heel, didnt event get stiches... the point is anything that cuts or melts stuff is realy dangerous !!!!!!!!

Check out this industrial accident in the making! Looks like fun!


Holy cow! I wanna ride that!


Nice one OddBot, I remember seeing that before, but very apropos.

Well Zanthess,  Good advice...   Fortunately, I don't think anyone here has topped Mark Pauline of SRL for severity ...

Damn rocket engines !  Good thing we all carry around spare fingers in the form of toes :P

He HIT it with a hammer? That's scary.

I think we've all done that at one time or another, I've sliced my leg open while stripping a sheath off of a cable, took a couple of stitches.

But when it comes to robots, the best I've seen was an engineer who disabled the safeties on a hydrolic crimping machine. This machine takes lengths of aluminium  tube used for treads on a ladder and crushes the end so that it ballons out. He was rushed to hospital after crimping his hand. It balloned out too! He was lucky he didn't loose it.

Ouch. Looks fun. When I was like 12 I was trying to change a tire on by bike, and I couldn't get it off the rim so I decided to cut it off with an Xacto knife. I was cutting along the length of it, towards me, and of course the blade slipped out of the rubber, and cut a nice gash in the top of my left thumb. Four stitches, and I've still got a nice scar. What sucks is that, in hindsight, I realize that cutting around the length of the tire wouldn't have done anything to help me get it off the wheel anyway :)

Then a few years later I was trying to cut a piece of wood I was holding in my hand, and the Xacto knife slipped again, and cut a matching gash in the inside of that same thumb. No stitches, but another scar.

Lesson learned. I'm apparently not smart enough to use Xacto knives :)

Hope yours heals quickly and doesn't require a visit to the ER.