Let's Make Robots!

You know, for kids.

This is an old project of mine that I think I now want to finish. It will be my first attempt at image processing.

Here is where it is at so far. More information will be added with time.


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Great work, Patrick!

In regards of "detecting the angles", my humble (and likely unuseful) idea would be to draw a circle around the "bot". You could then see if this circle went inside/outside the path, and that way keep track of where the path is.

That is really cool. I am building a maze solving robot and I am wondering how you are choosing which path to take. I think you are always turning left the first time. How do you determine which path is correct the second time?

This is how http://www.patrickmccabemakes.com/PatrickMccabeMakes/Mazesolving.html

Basically you are substituting a sequence of 3 turns (or 3 angles) with a single one.