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BEAM cricket

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Here is a quick BEAM style robot. It uses a Miller Solar Engine and a 4700 uf cap to drive a 3v buzzer. It is quite active in direct sunlight. Much louder than I thought it would turn out. I was going for more of a chirping effect but in full sunlight it produces a constant buzz. Cool albeit a bit annoying. We will be moving out of the house we are in soon. It would be kind of fun to find a good hiding spot and drive the new owner crazy trying to figure it out. Although it was a quick and easy build I am kind of proud of the stark simplicity and effectiveness. I guess that is what BEAM is all about.

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Cool, i am about to build some of those BEAM bots too, hope mine is ready to be showed off soon ;-)

Can't wait to see them. What are planning on building?

i dont know about you but in my atic you can see some of the lights from the to and there is a bit of light coming from them. when ever they turned the lights on it would buzz mua ha ha.

perhaps a bit too cruel D:

cool, beambots are taking over the world! or LMR world!

Conbine this design with a circuit that charges a supercap or rechargable battery during the day, and turns on the buzzer only when it is dark.

I used a design like this in my Christmas Robots. The circuit for detecting darkness under the Evil Mad Scientist Labs link on that page is pretty simple.