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BEAM cricket

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Here is a quick BEAM style robot. It uses a Miller Solar Engine and a 4700 uf cap to drive a 3v buzzer. It is quite active in direct sunlight. Much louder than I thought it would turn out. I was going for more of a chirping effect but in full sunlight it produces a constant buzz. Cool albeit a bit annoying. We will be moving out of the house we are in soon. It would be kind of fun to find a good hiding spot and drive the new owner crazy trying to figure it out. Although it was a quick and easy build I am kind of proud of the stark simplicity and effectiveness. I guess that is what BEAM is all about.

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Conbine this design with a circuit that charges a supercap or rechargable battery during the day, and turns on the buzzer only when it is dark.

I used a design like this in my Christmas Robots. The circuit for detecting darkness under the Evil Mad Scientist Labs link on that page is pretty simple.

cool, beambots are taking over the world! or LMR world!

i dont know about you but in my atic you can see some of the lights from the to and there is a bit of light coming from them. when ever they turned the lights on it would buzz mua ha ha.

perhaps a bit too cruel D:

Can't wait to see them. What are planning on building?

Cool, i am about to build some of those BEAM bots too, hope mine is ready to be showed off soon ;-)