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What to do with this components?

Ok, this is the result of my shopping tour today in the big electronic market with hundreds of booths.

This was the second time for me to go there. The first time i did not buy a single resistor....even thought it's hart to buy anything in this quantity. This market is more whole seller maret than retail. However, with a bit luck and enough time I was able to get all I wanted and even more ;-) Just imagine, this is for guys like me and you something like a 5 story Barbie shop for 10 years old girls ;-)

Now, what to do with this? I need to get more into the details again, since I am out of the electronic since years, so I wanted to build something reproducable and what I can use for any other project. Starting with simple transistor circuits like charger circuits for my green energy project (will introduce this later this year), LED cube (at lest 4x4x4) to learn about mulitplexing and of course some Chirstmas gifts for friends and family (time it tight).

These are my ideas, what would you do with those parts?

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has anyone any ideas for stuff i can make with parts like these. i only have one picaxe microcontroller and i just want to build something thats nice and clean with no wires hanging out (ie in a box) with leds and things. i want to make something that can do cool stuff with switches and buttons on but the only thing i can think of is sound and changing the pitch with a potentiomiter

If you can get some small solar cells that put out 3-4V, you can make some Christmas ornaments that charge up during the day and turn on at night.

The circuit I used is from http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/solar. It's the 'Detecting Darkness' circuit, and it uses a PNP transistor like the 2N3906. You bought the 2N3606, which is an NPN, so maybe you can get a circuit like this one working. (I never did.)

Good luck!

Yes I plan do something like that. I am already soldering on a miller engine but do not have a NPN transistor like the 2N3604 (mine is the 2N3606 and this is a PNP). The most engines have a pair of PNP and NPN. It's also working with a single PNP but my solar panel just brings 1,7V and this is not enough to trigger the transistor (yet) A higher voltage panel does the trick but for what I want ton build it's to huge.

Seems I have to go to the elecftronic heaven again next weekend to buy a coulpe of 2N3604. Any recommondations what to buy are welcome ;-)

you could combine the solar Christmas ornaments and this led Tree (dutch site) to make a HUGE-500-LED-Blinking-LMR-Solar-Powered-X-mas-Tree :D Or just a small little cute one..

Thanks for the link Danny. Tes this is a good idea. But first I have to build the gifts for Christmas and later I will try on the "cute little one" ;-)

Swarm robots!

Yeah, but for this i need to have a lot more time. I am thinking about swarm bots since a while but besides bulding them, the strength of swarms is the programming.


 way back about 4 -6 years ago Reading University & Brighton university (both UK based)  published a whole load of Swarm related data and some was the coding/. The Reading unibots were cute as the base was packing foam cut with a hot wire and the circuits etc pushed into the foam .

Might be worth a quick GOOGLE for some short cuts.:-}


Thanks for the hint. I will check this out when it's time ;-) Basically I got an idea about swarm programming, but to type the code is another thing ;-)


Edit: The first search did not bring it...will see if i can find more tonight.

I know, that's why I never went ahead and built them. I have an idea, a design, I have parts for 4 bots, but I stopped because of several reasons, the most important being absence of time to devote to this proect. Perhaps one day...