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Ubotino vs Picaxe 28x1 vs Propeller

I want to know the most vital pro's and cons of each of them please, ssso that I can choose one of them to make my robot. :D

Thank you for your reply! :)


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µBotino is an Arduino board made specifically to build robots. I made it as small as I could without going to SMD components, but all the functionality is there. With the µBotino you can control 2 DC motors (up to 1A each, all Solarbotics plastic motors work perfectly and also some of the Pololu micro motors - see the low power motors), you can control up to 5 servos and read 6 analog sensors (or digital). You also have available the hardware serial port, the 2 external interrupt pins and one more digital pin, just in case you want to use a piezzo speaker to make sounds. The integrated low voltage drop regulator allow you to power the robot from 4 AA batteries (6V) which is perfect for the servos and the mentioned motors. µBotino does not have a built in USB interface, so you need to order the USB-serial cable (or a FTDI cable, or make your own). You also need to solder the kit, which is a nice soldering practice. The microcontroller has the Arduino bootloader loaded and also the Blink code, so when you power up the board the D13 LED will blink once a second.

Regarding programming. Arduino uses C for programming, but there is a nice free graphic add-on called ArduBlock, where you connect colored blocks to write the code, then you can see the generated C code in Arduino, so it will be easy to learn C. Also, in the Assembly manual you will find a sample code I used on a robot. All you need to do is connect the servo and sensor to the same pins as I did, load the code and watch the robot move.

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wow, that is a lot you wrote there... i only needed to know  the vital parts but its wonderful!

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Ubotino - small, includes all you need for a small robot, has analog inputs - if you have used C/C++/Java like languages you shoul have no problem programming it.

Picaxe - uses basic, never used one so not my department

Propeller - really interesting, multithreaded, SPIN language, no ADC - I would call it perfect for advanced stuff ... so you can safely leave it out for now.

I would get the Ubotino and support RoBotX's business in the process ;)

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Thank you for your reply!

I have a problem with Ubotino and Picaxe, Im more confident in BASIC than Java but will the ubotino or picaxe3 control more servos and sensors easier?


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... but google still does:/


yes it can.

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Ooh! Thank you!

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i can't answer that! i'm on analogue's side, but good luck!

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Thanks for the comment anyways! :)