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Ubotino vs Picaxe 28x1 vs Propeller

I want to know the most vital pro's and cons of each of them please, ssso that I can choose one of them to make my robot. :D

Thank you for your reply! :)


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Yes, it can. 

2 motors, 6 servos, 6 sensors.

wow, thats practically better than most of the microcontrollers! :D

ive used BS2's( parallax basic stamp 2) for a number of years moved on to the  Arduino ,started early this year and the picaxe just this month for smaller gizmos ect, im unlikely to go back to BS2's to expensive, ill will stick to Arduino and picaxe both have there place

bs2 good

  • every pin is the same and can do every function
  • basic language  

bs2 not so good

  • no ADC,
  • no hardware pmw
  • no hardware serial
  • expensive  $$

arduino (uno)good

  • 6 ADC
  • hardware PWM
  • hardware serial
  • cheap

arduino not so good

  • not every pin dose every function

picaxe 08m2 good/ bad

  • same as bs2 for the most part but 1/10 $
  • not every pin dose every function  

i would go with an Arduino for building robots and a prototyping shield for it, to put your electronics on, doing this way you will learn a grate deal about the chips your using and how they work   ie l293d motor driver chip

for you first robot you need to learn a lot and making your own robot controller will give you a grater under standing of the robots and there workings . but if your likely to get board and discouraged  go with pre-made bot kit      

thanks for your reply! i have chosen to go arduino. :D