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FP-01 Robot

This is my first robot. I was inspired to start creating after seeing the Yellow Drum Machine by Frits, and I originally was building a drum robot. After experimenting with interfacing though, I started to put more of my effort into creating a remote controlled robot. My primary interest is still in making autonomous robots though and I'd like to give him more functionality in that area later on.


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How did you transmit the video to a computer? I would be interested to see from my robot's point of veiw. And awesome robot, by the way.

Hey Gabriel, sorry for taking so long to get back to you. There are much better ways of doing this, but I just took the cheapest route. The camera was on sale for like 10-20 dollars, and transmitted wirelessly to a box which had VGA cables. I was lucky enough to find a very cheap VGA to USB converted, and voila. If you are still interested, and I can go back and look exactly what the components were and try to find you links. It definitely wasn't the best way of going about this, but from my research - it definitely seemed like the cheapest. It did provide the fun challenge, of trying to operate your robot in a different room without seeing it.

This is really an amazing robot.  It has a ton of features you normally don't see in a first robot.  What an excellent job.  I love what you did with the arms and head.  I especially like robots that look like robots (as in TV and movies) and this one is great that way.  Thanks for sharing.  -Hal

Thank's a lot Hal! I think I did go a little bit overboard with features, I probably should have started out with something simpler, but it was fun regardless. Aestetics are always important to me as well, I'm glad you appreciated the look of the robot.

Nice work! Am I the only one who was hoping he'd pick up the samurai sword and do a routine?

Hmmm, maybe something to keep in mind for FP-02 haha

Well... I was left wondering if the sword is a proper iaito/shinken or just a display sword derrogatorily known as a "wall hanger" :P takes a couple of hands filled with fingers and at least a couple of them being opposible to begin handling such a sword properly :P and poor FP-01 besides being cool has no fingers whatsover ;_; it's arms end in stumps ;_;

The sword is a wall hanger :-/ Reverse blade actually. FP-01 would love to have fingers.

this looks cool, i'll sub!

Did you get this camera from dynaspy.com? Cool robot by the way! Is the frame made from carboard?