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Voting system (question for the admins)

I am preparing a new challenge and need to know if there is any way to implement a voting system here on LMR.

The idea is to let all the members of LMR vote who is the winner of the challenge.

The challenge will be published soon but till then I woukld like to have an answer. If it's not possible, then I will do it on my website but better would be here.

I marked the questions for the admins but all others can also answer if they would like to have a voting system embedded here!!!

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Thanks SimpleBotics but I was thinking to keep the voting here on this website. Also there is a chance of double votes I want to avoid. I got an idea in the bus back home....I will just call the voting when it's time and everybody has to send me a LMR message from his/her account, so i can make sure it's fair and everybody vote only one time and NOT for the own challange entry.


Wait try this one,
How do you like lmr
pollcode.com free polls 
Here's an HTML code
How do you like LMR?
pollcode.com free polls 

Need to bump this up since my challange is going on air soon ;-)

Maybe something like this. They host the poll script and you drop in one line of html where you want the poll, it might work on here.

perhaps it would be good to weight votes from members by how many days they have been an LMR member, so that members that  just signed up don't have as much voting power


that would be difficult.  

I think the voting should be splitted in:

1. technical design

2. art design

3. funny

4. still to be determinated ;-)

yeah, but how to judge the votes. Somebody may be a expert in electronics but just signed up. Is his vote then less valuable than the guy who is already 2 years member but no clue of electronics?

Good idea! Helps lots of things going forward!

I believe all efforts are into LMR version 4, and I think it would be a great optional feature for challenges.