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looking for Cheap Parts Please Read


I am looking for analog sensors i.e. temp. sensors, pressure, light, or any other sensors, I am also looking for tactile switches, 8 ohm piezo buzzers/speakers, LEDs (must be bright on low volage i.e 1.5 volts dc), any LED product that is through hole i.e. bar graphs, dot matrix, 7 segs, alphanumerical or any other LED product, or any of that glowing light up wire.  If you come across anything else that you think i might like please contact me i am a sucker for cool things!! I do not have much money or parts so any parts i can get for very cheap i will buy as long as it is cheaper than jameco, makershed, or radio shack. If  you find any free sample sites please let me know but they actually have to work. No Scams Please I Hate Scams!!

things added to list as edit:
conductive foam ( a nice piece- being used for an ipad pen)

Standoffs (4) 1/2 inch - 1 inch must fit arduino


Thanks in advance,

The genuine genius




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Like EG they have electronic stuff and all sorts of other weird items. Definitely one of my faves. Home of the best mini 3W speaker.

Check out the Electronic Goldmine surplus store. You can find there almost all the parts you need and others.

Second the Electronic Goldmine suggestion.  Just got a big box o' stuff from them last week.  They have some very nice variety packs for cheap.  Ebay is the best for things like Ultrasonic sensors, shields, etc.  

thank you all for your help but if anyone else has great advice, the parts i need, or anything else plaese post i would love to hear from as many people as possible

sorry about the caps i often write in them. I have changed so i have no words fully in caps!

And to add: 

Most of the things you mentioned can be recycled out of old printers, optical units, copiers ... old stuff usually :)

Go recycle!

STOP YELLING and read the rules.

dude tons of that kinda stuff on ebay.

i order all of my electronic components on ebay and i haven't been burned yet.

here are some ebay stores i shop often: