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Arduino Nano UnderShield is Available


It is ready! It is ready! The Nano UnderShield is ready!


All you need for a nice little robot in a 1"x2" footprint. A motor driver, connections for servos, ADC's and a SRF05 or Ping, all right there. You got yourself a USB connection and volt regulator on the Nano and you can top it off with nice mounting holes that actually fit standard hardware --no double stick tape here!

I am awaiting a shipment of Nanos, and I will soon offer a combo deal but for now, the shield itself is available and in stock. Woo Hoo!

More information at:


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Well done. I am also thinking to give my board more functions since I want to use the empty space. A motor driver should be a good thing. How about a embedded Miller solar engine, so you can power the whole thing with solar panel AND batteries.

I was looking for a compact robot board for the nano and this looks ideal!
There's a way to get some or the schematics for making the pcb?