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Camera Recommendations?

Hello all,

First time posting.  (Searched the site for an answer to this question, but couldn't find one.)

I'm looking for recommendations on miniature color cameras that can be used for a robot eyes. I'm leaning on the higher refresh rate and higher resolution side. (It's OK if they're not dirt cheap.)

Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Have a look here  www.electronics123.com


In fact, there is a post like this coming up every two weeks. I know there are some very good cameras on ebay (just search ```small wireless camere``). You can also have a look at dynaspy.com, but the user reviews say they aren`t really an honest business... 

Being wireless would hinder the rate you could pull images from it, wouldn't it?

My problem would be how to hook them to my robot brain. What kind of brain would I use? How would I program it? Which language? Which libraries for vision processing would be available? Would I be able to learn this language? How to interface the electronics? What logical interface is there between my components?


Cameras fall out of old electronics nowadays. But are they all usable to you? My advice: check out some examples of machine vision. On LMR and elsewhere.

Were those questions for me, or just rhetorical? (Well, I'll answer them anyways.)

I suspect I'm taking a bit of a different approach than some of the typical Computer Vision approach. My motivation is to explore more biologically realistic models of the brain (including the vision). So, for example, creating V1, V2, V3, V4, superior colliculus / optic tectum, cortex, etc etc, all in siico.

I'll need to do a little experimenting (as I haven't tried this before) but I suspect I'll either need a microcontroller for each eye/camera, of perhaps a FPLA. (Perhaps both.)

I should also say, it's been a little while since I've done any kind of hardware engineering, so I'm a bit rusty :-) Last system like these I worked on was about 12 years ago, and was a Motorola 68HC12 with an Altera FPLA, on a development board. I've been software engineering for the last 12 years, so things like assembly language won't be a problem, but I'll have to refamiliarize myself with AHDL and VHDL :-) (Assuming AHDL and VHDL are still used. Are they?)

Thanks for the search advice.

One of the first micros I used was a 68HC11...

Anyway, VHDL is still in common use, can't say I've heard much about AHDL though. If you're searching the web you'll probably have more luck using the term 'FPGA' instead of 'FPLA'.

Good luck with your project, sounds very interesting =)

AHDL = Altera Hardware Description Language


video input for your Arduino


this board lets you to input and analyze video from a regular video cam

Rocket brand have Wii cam's on brake out board 





my experiments above i have no video for the Wii cam but there is some on the rocket brand site