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what do you think of this H-bridge?

so i had a week off from school and wanted to experiment with an tlp434/rlp434, i scrapped together a couple of tiny motors off an old cd player and needed a tiny way to run them off a logic signal. I present my tiny solution for your judgement: The Bottlecap H-bridge

bottlecap h-bridge

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Haha, that's impressive. Can you show more detailed pictures how you squeezed those components into this bottle cap?

That's really cool...

Can you give us more details about the tranzistors, are you going to use the remaining pins in the headers for logic input and power output?

Hey cool! I'm feeling a new trend is coming up :) "Bottlecap Bots"

Bottlecap as:

  1. Housing for H-bridge.
  2. they are stackable..
  3. For use as wheels.
  4. battery holder?.
  5. And even more..


what does a h-bridge do?

heh thanks, yep those leads there are to power and ground, the 2 empty headers on the left with the capacitor next to em are the + - leads for a motor and the right side is input, i scrapped the parts for this out of an old 3-way RCA switch so im think an entire srapbot is in order. the schematic is scribbled in pencil on a desktop but if i recall they are s9014/s9015 npn and pnp transistors, the diodes were rated to handle an amp comming back from the motors, that capacitor on the side there is a 100uf... ill have to snap a picture of the desktop lol