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Mr. Technoman / having fun during my learning stage robot :)

Please dont laugh this little guy off the planet. He was a very old robot kit Called Mr. Technoman I'll upload a picture of the box later for fun. The old robot was missing everything but some plexi glass parts(not many) and the head. Nothing worked anymore so I gave it a tiny bit of pretty darn funny robotic life.

I have learned a ton just playing around with arduino and gotten some huge headaches. This work is prep for my other robot project, kind of a learning stage to get to where I need to be. 

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its brilliant. i love it. what are you using at the back to control the claw? i also agree with @ChuckCrunch, you cant go wrong with a dome, it commands respect :P

It's just a servo tester (3bucks) with 3 aa batteries. Simple and fun the arm claw servos all rotate the same way when the knob it turned so being on a tight budget I just had to do something and came up with this :) Thanks!


Like I said I was just learning and putting things I had laying around together in a robotish fashion. My friends here thought it was funny and kinda cool looking

That is Mr. Technoman from 1980 a kit I found cleaning out the attic, it belonged to my late step dad(great guy!) and I had no idea he had dabbled with electronics. He would be proud of this funny little improvement(spark of life) on the few remaining parts in this kit :)

I would say it had 50 percent of the hardware was missing and tons of green growing on old batteries. I did get the LED eyes working. This project was great fun just testing the Arduino and servos to see if they worked.

I was kidding around even posting this :) my only hope is that you guys get a kick out of it as much as I did once I got him together.

i love a dome on a robot ,can't go wrong there.:)

I couldn't.  It really isn't that bad. I would say it probably ranks right up there with some of the useless machines and even they are impressive in their own right.

You really don't have anything to be concerned about.