Let's Make Robots!

Quadrotor Hexapod Robot

Fly and walk

He modified this ground unit with machine gun.

Ok, first of all this is not my robot. It's from one of my buddy ShaoPing @Taiwan who doesn't speak English and shy to post it on LMR. So, I have ask his permission to post it for him because I think it's worth it to share with LMRtians.


Since I am not the original builder but builder has send me bunch of photos. Images will describe themselves better, so here we go:

Let me know if any of you have further suggestions or any questions, I'll try my best to answer it all and thanks for watching. Enjoy it!

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Brilliant !!! Just brilliant !!!!

thanks a lot hardmouse.

very nice!! your friend has done a good job! :)

Super awesome robot, good job!!