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ZappBot 3 - Tracked Humanoid Torso Robot

Moves around via commands from PC, Humanoid is animated, it can move its head & arms. Can display messages on its 4 x 20 LCD.
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ZappBot 3 - Tracked Humanoid Torso Robot. The robot is 11" Wide, 12" Deep and 21" Tall. It is controlled by a Propeller Chip P8X32A-D40 and a Digi XBee 1 mW Radio Module.

It's November 29, 2011, I have been collecting parts for this Robot for about a year, I started the build about November 1, 2011.

Pictures, Description, Part List and Block Diagram are shown in the slides below:

ZappBot 3 Slide 1

ZappBot 3 Slide 2

ZappBot 3 Slide 3

ZappBot 3 Slide 4

ZappBot 3 Slide 5

I can type commands on my PC keyboard to remote control the robot via a radio link.

The robot is programmed in Spin code.

At the present time I can send the following commands to the robot:

  • Move the Entire Robot
    • Forward, Backward, Rotate Clockwise, Rotate Counter-clockwise, Stop
  • Rotate the Torso
    • Left, Right, Center
  • Control the Head Movement
    • Pan Left, Pan Right, Pan Center
    • Tilt Up, Tilt Down, Tilt Level
  • Control the Left Arm
    • Left Shoulder Axis 1
      • Swing Up, Swing Down, Swing Forward
    • Left Shoulder Axis 2
      • Swing Up, Swing Down, Swing Out
  • Control the Right Arm
    • Right Shoulder Axis 1
      • Swing Up, Swing Down, Swing Forward
    • Right Shoulder Axis 2
      • Swing Up, Swing Down, Swing Out
  • LCD Back light
    • Turn On, Turn Off

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That's a very cool robot you are building there.

This is really cool! I see this was a while back. Have you done more to it since? Do you have any plans to add  hands or extra arm joints? The tracks look really well constructed.

@ PaulJD, per request I have uploaded a video of the robot. The program I am using is fairly simple, it is very simular to code I used in my last robot, but this robot has a lot more servos. I put the current code together recently in my spare time over a few days.

@ Geir Andersen, yes the tracks are expensive, they are from Lynxmotion at http://www.lynxmotion.com/c-120-no-electronics-kit.aspx . The Ping sensor will be useful in the future when the robot is running in the autonomous mode, it will be used to make sure the robot doesn't run  into some thing like a table top. I will need to add several other sensors near the floor. If you watch the video you can see that the robot can look around 360 degrees with the head ping sensor.

Great looking robot. You don’t state the current price but the tracks seem expensive.

One question, is the ping sensor useful mounted so high up or is it just for cosmetics?

It looks wonderful.  Well Done.

I would love to see a video of those motions and commands.    has the programming been in development for a while also, or did it begin lately?