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Website Bug


Hopefully this is the correct place to report this.

From this page:


There are a number of RSS feeds listed: "The front page", "Robot projects", "Tips/walkthroughs", "Forum topics", and "Blogs".

The page that the first one -- "The front page" -- links to works. (I.e., it send you to an RSS feed.) None of the rest of them -- none of the other 4 -- work though. The remaining 4 all send you to an HTML page.

In addition to that, in the paragraphs below that, there are other URLs that are suppose to be RSS or Atom feeds also, but aren't. (Only the 2nd one down there works. The rest don't.)

You may want to correct this.

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We have RSS feeds here?!?  ...and one of them works?  How 'bout that, I never knew. (Not being silly, I really didn't know)