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Hi LMR! I got the idea to make a little robot, with 4 wheels that van drive around. Ok, what's cool about that... so I decided to add in a camera and a wireless connection to a pc. I'm a total beginner to this BTW, but I'll figure out how to program it. The overall idea is to make a robot I can control from my pc, that transmits It's video signal to my pc so I can se where it is. My question is, which components would he suitable for my project? I was thinking about getting a wi-fi connection to work with my pc, will that work? What I've figured I'm gonna need is listed here 4 motors 1 battery pack 1 camera 1 WiFi thing 1 "motherboard" 1 servo I only have 1 requirement, it has to be as cheap as possible. This is my 1 project, and I don't know if I find this really interesting yet. I doesn't matter it It's slow, jury as long as it works. Thanks guys, if you can help me out If I can get links to where the components are, and if they are from the sane shop that would be great!

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Awesome advise Chris :)

That assortment seems just fine. The resistors would be used in series with your LED's to limit the current going to them. --Keeps them from blowing up. 

Oooopps, didn't see it made 2 posts. (postet it from my smartphone, which i'm new to)

What's the resistors for? (:
I think i'll go with your idea, i have seen on yourduino they have a box with alot of stuff in for 40$, would that be an idea to start out with? (:



First off, please delete the other post that is identical to this one.

Everything you describe is doable, but you have a ways to get there... As I would say to everyone, you need to make a LED blink, period. For now, I would forget about the spycams and wifi and conecting to a PC etc. You need an Arduino, a breadboard, LED and a few resistors --that's it. Get your LED to blink, and go from there. Everything big is built from smaller steps, you have to get through a lot of these steps to get to where you want to go.