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Arduino Biped Robot

It walks forward in a straight line.

This robot runs on an arduino uno and it has 4 servos to walk. It will use a sliding counter weight to so one servo will be able to lift the other half and this will make it not fall over. It is currently a work in progress and still needs to be programmed.

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Nice body.

woohoo! you have posted it! cool!

This is pretty cool! I always love walkers/bipeds. You might have an issue with the balancing when one leg is trying to lift the other. You might have to use another servo or even a weight hanging from a string, on top to move the weight side by side. Almost like a pendulum.

I know Im adding big feet and a sliding counter weight.

The distance in between to leg is too far that you will lose the balance. Need to find a way to shift the weight to the leg which standing on the ground while you walking.

I said in the description that I'm adding a sliding counter weight and I'll put the legs closer together too

Have you given up on this one? I'm really excited to see how it turns out (it's okay, I don't often finish robot projects that I start either ;)