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Arduino and ethershield

I have the ethernet shield with an enc28j60 chip. I used the web_server_switch .pde from nuelectronics and followed instructions there and elsewhere on how to get it working.

The problem is I can get it working in a local browser but I cannot access it from my galaxy. I turned on port forwarding for the shield and have checked everything on my routers settings but no success. I am running win7 with a netgear router. Can any networking gurus suggest some things to check?

This may not be important but on the router settings under attached devices it doesn't show. Only the other computers on my home network are there. Also the port on the router it is attached to being 1, the indicator light is amber instead of green? I don't have a fixed ip also, but it changes every 24 hours I think, so that should not be an issue for a test as long as I have the current ip address in the sketch loaded.

etherShield_web_switch.pde7.47 KB

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oops I mean I use the current ip  eg 122.2xx.3x.4:80 in the address bar on galaxy to access. The local ip of the shield is always the same in the sketch. is the shield's IP address. The 122.x.x.x IP address range is not a private IP address to my knowledge. Given the sketch, you should be able to open a command prompt (Start -> Type: cmd , and, hit ENTER) type ping and get 4 responses once the ethernet shield is plugged in.

But that is still local isn't it. I am trying to access the web_server remotely from a distant computer or my phone. I can access it locally with the local ip but when I type the public ip and port into the address bar in a browser on my phone it won't access.
And I get a message error (104) connection reset by peer.