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_____________________________________update 2012,01-05

I add another 11:33 chain to reduce the speed and increase the torque. Much better decision and satisfied with the result.

Add up the back light.

Interior also changed too because the mount plate and spacing had been modified.

Just for show :P


After my first track machine M.T.M.P. I got 2 extra belts left and hanging there for months because I thought it was failure. Since spend weeks just to made those pure hand made belt I decide to give it another shot. This time I was trying to use brushless motors to drive this machine and after couple tests the result was too weak torque to start the heavy chassis so I replace 2 scooter motors instead. And again, I am not too good to describe the thing in any language so I will let photo to say it out.

My friend is running a machine shop so I ask for his help to create some parts that I can't complete at home and sometime I just borrows his equipment to make these parts.

This is the second attempt to made these 2 driving wheel. I was using the middle one(white strong plastic) in first attempt but the gap in between the track plate is not precise(hand made). So I came up another idea to using the bolt and nuts on belt to drive it.

Cut the plate and replace the motors.

The bar was from LEGO tetrix for mounting boards

Use Arduino, Sabertooth 25x2 and 30A fusesx2

Adding some lights for show :P

Use the plastic clip box to store batteries:

Try to add a supporting wheel at back to prevent flipping when climbing up hill. It lift in the air on flat ground so it won't causing the the problem when amke turns.Well, maybe a stupid idea, who knows?

Replace to wood board to polycarbonate for better water proof inside. Also add on the front panel.

Well that's what I got so far by Dec, 2nd 2011. And Actually I am running a problem about the power and torque again. Or maybe my program but I assume its the current might too high that trigger the protection from controller board that shut the power when I start the machine. Especially when I start it slowly, maybe it reach the limit when extreme torque needs. So the situation is like: Start to run for 1 second and it stopped or reset? then the power is back again. Currently I power up the Arduino from controller board with 5V. Maybe that's why the power been cut off and restart by controller board so as Arduino itself. Right now I really not 100% sure where the problem might be. Hopefully some of you might give me some hint or ideas how to investigate this issue.

I might change the bigger sprocket so the machine runs slower and easier to pump the torque up and so it won't suck too much juice when start. Well, not very profession but hope you enjoy it.


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Nicely done! I like the suspension, very clever.

Wow that's a nice tank my friend. Awsome engineering work. Better watch yourself or it might go over your body and hurt you ;) Thanks for sharing and I'm sure you will get help here.

Im going to say two words "Pure awesomeness".

Its like a horse it has so much power that cant handle it .


Man, that is one mean machine. Sorry about laughing when it hit you knee.

The speed and torque seems almost too much so you need a good control routine to run it autonomously. I couldn’t quit figure out if you’re running the Arduino from the same power source as the motors, then you should add a separate power source for the Arduino and the control logic of the Sabertooth.

Yeah, I just separate to its own power.

And I also thinking to change the sprocket to 11T vs 55T for slower speed and higher torque.

with grate power, comes great responsibility .LOL , it's amazing top job ,

 on your sabertooth ,,,,Switch 5 : Exponential response ,,,,Down = Exponential ,softer , UP = Linear  ,harder . might save your legs


the regulator is only capable of supplying 100 milliamps  and it is recommended that for more than an RC receiver you use an out side regulator   

it's the only drawback of the sabertooth ,if it was in the 3 - 5 amp range it would rock as a power control board

Yeah, I notice this. I tried the power from some where too and I guess something strange in my code that causing some problem. This machine is just too powerful and i have limit space indoor. I will make a frame to lift it up and run some test this weekend. Don't want to hit myself or destory my stuff again.

when i was first testing my Crunch robot ,just an RC receiver and the sabertooth, it worked fine .but as i added a relay and a servo the problems started ,1 drive for a few seconds and stop ,2 jittery and uncontrollable,  my plain is to build a large power system with 2A feeds of 5v and run 2 battery's ,i would  like to run at full power for an hour and i have allowed for 35Ah as a minimum, 25 for drive and 10 for the rest Cam ,lights,tilt/pan,Coms,stun gun ,

buy the way Awesome under glow      

Robot = 1, Knee = 0