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Arduino Walker Robot

walk forward

This walker robot uses two HS-55 servos to walk and it runs on an arduino uno. It also has no sensors. Hope you enjoy!

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good start! i wish to go back your age to start over and fill up all these robotic knowledge from beginning! keep going!!

Thanks :)

Remember those "for" loops we were talking about? --They could probably help you here too. You could get some slower, smoother movements out of your servos instead of the twitchyness you got now. "Sweep" example in the IDE.

Thanks I'll check out sweep in the IDE.

I agree, but this was my first arduino robot and I did see a design on youtube and the front servos is at an angle. Thanks though!

As you’re a young kid I see a bright future for you. But when it comes to this design it’s not really walking just shuffling its feet. So you need to alter your design so that the foot moving forward is in the air. I love the fact that you’re trying to figure this out by yourself but you could probably benefit by looking at other walkers out there. 

Keep up the good work.