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which program do you recommend for picaxe18x,please?

Hi everbody,

I want to use picaxe18x for my project but, i didn't find simulation program. Can you help me, please?

I'm student so i prefer free program. Thank you. I wait your answer.


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The only program you can use is the Picaxe programming editor, which is completely free and can be downloaded from the picaxe website

Thank you so much but, i will use simulation program for finally project. I have to show my projection. So Picaxe programming editor isn't enough. I'm looking for program like Prroteus.

for free from PICAXE.com on Windows will let you simulate your program. You just have to know what you are expecting as far as pins go.

A better clue as to what you want to see when you simulate might also help, as the simulator in the PICAXE software will only let you see the pins and what each of the variables contain.

Thank you for your advice,Birdmun. I use picaxe software now. And i manage simulation. Thank you so much again.