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Tamyia tracks

Hello, I have a tank bot project using tamyia tracks. Is it possible to attach them directly to servos? is a gear box existing for servo/tamyia tracks? I don't have any motors and motor controller. Or do you know any cheap tracks compatible with servos?

Thanks for all reply.

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Thanks for everyone I have a better idea for my project now.

ChuckCrunch : Yeah if you find you're Pbasic code for motor tell it please. thanks :)

Oh a last question hard mouse: My battery has 2 wires (+,-) so I won't plug them in the same input (at the middle of the 3 inputs at the bottom of the motor driver), should I?

I think you plug +red wire from battery to VS on board and -Ground balck wire into Gnd on board.

Thanks a lot. and then for the 2 other blue parts on the side of the battery terminal, I should buy a conector like that:


and cut one of the end to plug them in those two inputs in the motor driver? And then plug the other side on my bot board?


For those signal pins, I got bunch of these wires:


You can rip them to double or single wire or whatever you like.

Yeah those ones are cheap and look good. Now that I have all the informatin I need, I'll buy everything I'll need :).


1 of the members using tracks and servos

most motor driver have 3 pins to control each motor 1 EN (enable),motor forward ,motor revers , but most of the time you might tie the EN pin to the 5 V supply, setting one of these direction pins to HIGH and outer to LOW will tern the motor in 1 direction setting and vice versa  will tern the motor in the revers direction setting both to HIGH is a breaking (slow down) both LOW nothing , thats just 1 side of the motor driver and the other is the same 

power, your main battery is connected to your bot board and your motor driver in parallel  and if remember right the BS2 has an on board power regulator than can deal with 12V ,7.4 will do ,but you bot board has a 5v regulator as well regulator , this is your logic supply 5v .your motor driver will need / can have 2 different voltage levels 5v logic for powering the motor driver chip's switching function and a higher voltage usually full battery power to send to the motors via the motor driver chip, control is sent to the chip via the BS2 general i/O's  = INPUT/OUTPUT 's pins 0 to 15. depending on your setup this may be up 6  connections 4 is often the case 

your code might look like this ive made it a forward sub 


high pin //forward right motor

high pin //forward left motor

low pin // revers right

low pin //revers left

delay 20 // this is hear to give you motor time to do something

low pin //forward right motor

low pin //forward left motor

low pin // revers right

low pin //revers left

goto main ///return to main program


i hope this helps i tryed looking for my old BS2 program's to give you a hole example of a robot program but there lost at this moment need look a bit harder  good luck

its all in the manual


the bot board is made for servos mostly



Thank you very much It's much more clear for me now. But like for this motor driver:


It is a low cost motor driver for 2 motors. Do you think it is compatible with my bot board?

And there's so many inputs / outputs where does each one goes?

2 Motors connect on each left and right Terminals (blue part with 2 screws)

Battery connect to that 3 screw termainal at bottom.

And there are 2 pins on each side of battery terminal, they are for direction and speend control which connect to your arduino digital pin.

Mine maybe looks a bit different but works the same at lower-right cornor. (Sorry it's not clear but that's the only image I can find).

Ok I've informed myself a bit, so tell me if what I understood is good:

The 2 motors are connected to the battery and the microcontroller:

motor ---  motor

    |               |

Battery --   bot board

The motor driver have 2 or more inputs I have to connect to the 1/O inputs/ outputs to the bot board:

  po1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      on this line I can connect the motors

      . .  . .  .  .  .  .  .  . . another row of pins

      . . .  . . . . . .  . .  . . another row of pins


And to use the motors I program it like that: (for example)

High 0, 100

High 1, 100


Tell me please if anything is wrong



the connections are like this:

see the power goes streight to the driver, and from the driver it goes to the motors.
the BS2 I/O tells the driver when and how to apply power to the motors.

i dont know stamp basic but yeah thats looks about right.