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Tamyia tracks

Hello, I have a tank bot project using tamyia tracks. Is it possible to attach them directly to servos? is a gear box existing for servo/tamyia tracks? I don't have any motors and motor controller. Or do you know any cheap tracks compatible with servos?

Thanks for all reply.

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Yes I only have continuous servos. I have the Bot board 2:  http://www.robotshop.com/eu/productinfo.aspx?pc=RB-Lyn-37&lang=en-US

And I don't think it is possible to plug in directly the motor, only to buy a motor controller, wich I don't have.

pololu has a bunch of tamiya gearboxes: http://www.pololu.com/catalog/category/34

tamiya uses a hexagonal shaft and most other stuff is incompatible.

There is no gearbox for servos there.

DJ has post a list of gearbox that fits tamiya tracks such as this one I am using:


If you insist to use servos, make sure they are continues servo and also you might need to have some tools and skills to modify the hub and shaft to assemble them.

servos are handy because they allready have gears in them.
the problem here is that they are simply not going to fit your tamiya track set.

you could use them to drive a bot, there are wheels that are made to fit servo hubs,
and even adapter rings to fit wheels with different connection types, just not with the tamiya track set.


Yes you are right, and I'm not enough skilled to modify the servo. But I never used any motor and motor controller. Where do I need

to plug it in my bot board, and how do I program it? Wich motor controller works with wich tamyia motors?(I use a BS2 and a bot board V2).Any information about motor controllers and motor will  be useful for me and my project.

what you need is a gearbox to fit the tracks (they come with motors included) and a motor driver,
a divice that lets you control the motors from the BS2, but power them directly from the power source, because
they need more then the BS2 can provide.

i don't know what 'bot board v2' is, but it sounds like it might have a motor driver built in.

A link of my bot board: http://www.robotshop.com/productinfo.aspx?pc=RB-Lyn-37&lang=en-US

and yes I'm almost sure I need a motor driver because in the manual it shows an example of a motored robot and it shows a motor driver. What do you mean by : "but power them directly from the power source, because they need more then the BS2 can provide."

does that mean that:

battery -- bot board


motor driver

and that the motor driver is connected to the battery and not the bot board?

For the motor driver, what are the commands for it to use the motors?(I use PBasic)what motor driver would be the best and the cheapest for my project and microcontroller?

yeah you connect power directly to the motors, and you connect I/O lines from the board to the motor driver to tell it what to do.

a motor driver will have 2 inputs for each motor, 1 for normal and one for reverse.
to use it you just connect those inputs to I/O on your board.

then depending on which motors you want to turn, and in wich direction, you set the corresponding I/O
on the board to high.

i don't much about your BS2 board, or motor controllers to recommend a specific one.
some one else will have to answer that.

Thanks for youre reply. I'm not really good in electronics what does 1/O correspond to + and -?

and I think I mixed up everything :P. Is it this:

Battery   --    Botboard

  |                     | (1/O)

 motors         motor driver



Or this:



Battery --    Bot board


motor driver




Did I mixed up everything and I'm a noob? :P

I think tlling me what is 1/O would help me.

Thanks for you're patience ^^