Let's Make Robots!

And one more lesson for you children...

Save your final paper in many places, that way you don't accidentially delete something and have to rewrite the ENTIRE paper in 2 hours using a finger with a hole in it.

*falls over dead* 


Documentation - redundancy redundancy redundancy! 

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That's a real bummer. I've seen it before and sympathise with you.

Somehow "the computer ate my essay" just doesn't sound right.


Yup, I learned this the hard way too. Now we have 2 little 120gig "deck of playing cards" portable USB hard drives but more so, about a year ago we bought a terabyte of server space. I'll tell you, 1000gig of magic internets storage space is awesome!


I have 4 * 350MB sata HD configured in raid 0 + 2 spare 400 MBHD + 3 USB HD + many backups in DVD...



I have a little Linux based NAS server just bigger than a pack of cards with 2 x 300Mb discs in RAID 1. Problem is that the discs attach to the server by USB and so don't spin down when idle, which is noisy. So the setup lives in a cardboard box under my desk and only comes out once in a while. Far from ideal.