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3D Laser scanner for 25USD

Believe it or not, but in China the people really can do things with less money then elsewhere in the world. Cheap 3D Laser Scanner for roughly 25 bucks. See that amazing results...

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Wow, that is friggin incredible. Where do I get one!!

Thanks for posting this...


I went back to the video and viewed it on YouTube. It mentions it was home built, and some websites are given at the end of the video. Anyway, this appears to have come from SeeedStudio's YouTube channel so we can hope it one day will come out as a product or a kit someday from their awesome "propogate" factory.

Ah, just found a blog enty for it on the SeeedStudio blog: http://www.seeedstudio.com/blog/2011/12/01/diy-low-cost-3d-laser-scanner/. They have specs listed. Scan rate is slow (obvious from the video above, but it should be useful for mapping an area and perhaps using particle filtering (Monte Carlo localization) to navigate the resulting map. Too cool...


it's not that the hardwear not that impressive really, it uses a cheap USB webcam and a IR laser put through the same kind of lens used on a laser level so its a lot like the david 3D scannner. I more impressed with the softwear which took a bit of work but I like some of the few diy kenect like 3D scanners I've seen poping up more.