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Pin Connector size for picaxe

Hi everyone,

My first post here. Started reading this couple of weeks ago and have most of the parts for the start here project. 

Question itself - I am having trouble getting pin connector blocks here in uk and am not sure about the sizes. I AM a beginner here so please bear with me. I have bought 0.1" female pin crimps to make my own jumper cables, however, when I try to hook that up to picaxe board its loose. I assume that thats the wrong size.

So what size pins are they and where in UK could I get them? Or am I completely out of my depths? 

Thanks for any advise. 


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You're looking for female crimp pins that fit 0.025" square posts. The 0.1" measurement usually refers to spacing between the male header pins. If you got them for 0.1" posts they will definitely be loose. Look for something like Molex #16-02-0087 or 16-02-0103.

Thanks for the reply Jax.


Just to confirm, what size snap off header pins and jumper cables do you need for the Start Here project?

I have ordered the following:


and the jumpers to suit these but after above comment am worried that these are too big. 


Many Thanks


You got the right ones. Pitch is the official term for the spacing and those have the correct pitch.

For the jumper cables 100mm long is fine. That's the length used in the SHR kit.


Thanks again for your help, hopefully can get my starter robot up and running tomorrow.