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Picaxe user porting to arduino. Advice?

I started on Basic Stamp 2 and made BOE-Bot then ported to picaxe and made my robot Lexi. After a lot of months of rest from my robots all together I think I would like to try arduino next. I have been using 28x1 starter kit but now it seems like its giving a lot of trouble. I have some experience with servos, motor, sensors and essentially regular wheeled/tracked carpet robots.

So my question to arduino users, where should I start on arduino?  Should I buy the arduino beginner pack - http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10174  or should I just buy the arduino uno r3 and just dive-in? For a newbie on arduino should I buy the arduino uno or the cheaper freeduino?

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the starter kit is pretty cool, you'll definitely want those male-to-male jumpers for breadboarding. but you should be fine just jumping right in. You're going to want a motor-shield (guibot's motorino is great) or make your own. The freeduino is supposed to be identical to the arduino, so calculon says "go for it". 

also, the 2 -sided proto board from dagu is great for building your own shields.

You say you are having problems with your 28x1. What kind of problems are you having?

I could not make the servo working on the 28x1 starter kit. I tried servo, servopos, pulsout but still can't make my servo look right, left & center. I thought it was the darington driver chip but after installing the servo as the manual intends(with resistor to the input) still not working. So I think I'll port to arduino instead of buying a new 28x1 starter kit.

they made a batch of picaxes that have an internal timer problem that basically means they can't servo. In the Picaxe editor if you open the options screen and click "Firmware?" it will tell you. It also tells you the firmware when you program it. A.4 can't use servos. A3 and a5 can.

WTF! that's maybe why! I use the Linaxepad so I probably didn't get the memo through the editor. Damn! I thought its my connection or other stuff! damn! thanks! for the info! I'll update you guys how my project is going so far..


i also started on the BS2 and stuck to it like glue ,grate little chip and only moved on to the Arduino this year . I started buy looking at some code and the reference pages / forums and found out what this Arduino thing was  ,Then i found out how to do the things i could do on the BS2 ,The programing is a little different but you will not find it to hard to get your head around 

but that's just study, with all the parts you have they will be fine to start like Calculon said male-to-male jumpers



get an Arduino not the freeduino less problems i have both as good but the usb driver is different i think it go's to sleep you need to unplug it every now and then to get it to up load not a big problem but and i had 1 with no boot loader or bust chip but changed out the chip and all's good 

I will buy a new 28x2 chip and also buy arduino Uno on stand by. Thank you very much for the feed back guys.


The Shack has arduino uno ...