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Arduino Torso Robot

move its arms and torso

This is a robot that I made with an arduino uno and some HS-55 servos. The top is a little broken and thats why its makes that sound. I may add some sensors, and I will definitely add a servo on the botton to make the waist move. Hope you like it!

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its just broken a little thats all

gut the servo and find a small gear box and try and make hole new servo from the guts of the old, electronics only that gear box has lost some teeth ,cool project

From what I can gather, it seems that you may have a broken servo there at the top. That could be where that noise was coming from. --It all seems so clear now.

yes, it was a little broken 

I like the noise, it sounds a bit like a hyperactive dolphin or something.

How did you make those sound effects?

its a barely broken servo

So a servo is broken a little? Could it be something else?
I know it's broken a little