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help needed reg a air compressor for a bot

 I am in need of a air pump/compressor which can produce abt 30 psi pressure (in a chamber not more than 150 cubic cm) in a relatively short time (say 20 seconds). I searched over the net for the same, my priorities are 

* small size

*low power consumption


[I have short listed campbell hausfeld rp1200 12v dc inflator]

(can any one suggest a better one if available)



how can i modify a device running by a car cigarette lighter into a 12v lead acid run device???

[ i mean, how can i get rid of the adapter and connect the device directly to the battery terminals]

if possible also give me details about the power and current ratings of the campbell hausfeld rp1200 12v dc inflator.



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You can just cut the adaptor off, and solder/crimp some lugs that match your battery terminals onto the bare wire.

I couldn't find any power/current ratings for the compressor, but I found a reviewer that blew a couple of 10A fuses running it, and had to move up to a 15A fuse.