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Part seek

What part can i use to replace 1381? Tell every option you know.

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There, that's every option.

Damn cause i can't get that part in finland

probably wont help much but i was looking for one today .... lucky me found one on the first board from my recycle collection ...  first part i looked at too ... lol. So if you have any old electric stuff check them out you might find some.

What is a 1381 and what are you using it for?

Miller solar engine and others.
And it is a voltage detector

Why not use the FLED circuit then?

the only place i have seen that sells it is www.solarbotics.com but its pricey .

i found a list of substitutes somewhere, but couldn't find any of the alternatives either.


Check here:


and also consider the MAX8212. Far more expensive than a MN1381 but its trigger voltage is configureable.

They are sold at digikey