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Experimental RC Robotic Hand

Introducing my Experimental RC Robotic Hand. I'm going to use it for a robot that I will use to take on Ro-bot-X's "Search And Rescue" Challenge. It's purpose is to get a hold on the drink, obviously. This is only Version 0.2, I'm am currently building a lighter and easier to use grabber to replace the heavier hand that is attached to the winch motor.  More updates soon.

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Neat experimentation........

..... thought i would give you an impulse with this video to help along the way:-


I actually made this hand and many more different hands crammed into my cupboard based on the tutorial at sciencetoymaker.org.

I went to the site in the first place because of the air surfing hand gliders. Some very carefully cut paper planes which you can fly, balance, and change direction using only the air wave that comes over your hands. So anyway, I got interested in robotic hands the last year and made a lot of them. All different types, and this is the particular type I fancied. So I thought i'd build one to help take part in the challenge.


Cool! I'm waiting for the result! Keep it up!

oooh, very cool! hope you win!

Thnk you very much. I hope so too!