Let's Make Robots!

Any ideas?

What could i do when i get all of these parts? I have some of these already. 14M Homemade IR sensors 4 micro servos Pcb making things Plexiglass Electrical tape, black Non- geared dc motors Resistors,ldrs,leds,capacitors,transistors Speakers Buttons L293D Battery holders ( 2 geared motors and wheels )

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it could move via the geared motors and could avoid or seek obstacles using the IR sensors and LDRs. The speakers can be used to make sounds in response to its existential circumstances. You're at the right place for info on robot-making. 

use IR and LDR to keep the robot's body from hitting things or falling off a cliff. then use plexiglass and your microservos to make a tentacle-neck thing like an apatosaurus. put IR or LDR on that to have it seek things out like a little animal. 

That's easily enough stuff for a small robot with a 2dof gripper.  All you need is a microcontroller to give it some intelligence and enough wire to put everything together.