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IR LEDs and transistors voltage

Anyone knows the voltage and currents for these devices? There seems to be ABSOLUTELY no information. I bought them from yourduino.com because I told myself I could figure it out but I now highly doubt this. *facepalm*





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The first one is a sensor, not an emitter. Under 5V it works fine.

For the infrared LEDs, the forward voltage is about 1V, choose a resistor to be sure your LED is under 20mA (10 mA continuous if you want to be prudent).

So I should feed something under 5V to the first one (2 pins acting as Vin and Grnd and the third being Signal?).  

Thanks a lot it was really hhelpful :)

1) This should cover it: http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/IR-RemoteControl

2) Exact part specs: http://datasheet.octopart.com/TCRT5000-Vishay-datasheet-48184.pdf

3) No part number to go from, but looks pretty standard. Probably has very similar stats to the phototransistor ('Detector') from the above datasheet.

Personally I'd test it in a simple circuit and measure it's behaviour from there:
[3-5V supply] -> [LED] -> [Current limiting resistor for LED, ~250Ω] -> [Phototransistor] -> [Ground]
If the LED doesn't light up when you shine sunlight on the phototransistor and then turn off again when you cover it, try reversing the phototransistor in the circuit. With a multimeter you'll be able to measure how much current the phototransistor allows through when lit up. Make sure to test the circuit without the phototransistor first, to make sure the LED actually lights up!

4) More or less same as above.

LOL the part number was written on the sensor. I can be sooo smart at times. Anyways thanks for pointing that out.