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Have you been a good boy?


Then you might ask Santa for an oscilloscope. I bought this a month ago and are extremely pleased with it http://www.dealexcel.com/rigol-ds1052e-50mhz-band-widths-2channel-digital-oscilloscope_p363.html

As most of you I started out thinking that an oscilloscope would be cool but first of all I really don’t know electronics that well and probably can’t use it right, and it costs a lot of money.... So I made myself a soundcard probe and downloaded some free software. OK, it gives me some readings but you might end up blowing your soundcard or your motherboard if it’s integrated. 

So I saved up and got me this PC based from Sparkfun http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9263 it’s good and the 8 bit analyzer is great but with only one channel it’s hard to follow the signal into different stages. 

Still a novice at electronics I want to learn and see what is going on in my circuits. So I saved up and got myself the RIGOL DS1052E. The decision to go for the RIGOL was very much influenced by http://www.youtube.com/user/EEVblog and his review of the scope.

So I got my scope from www.dealexec.com and had no problems there. Rather the opposite actually as they had marked the value of the item at $80,- (at no request of mine) that saved me some money on the Norwegian customs.

So if you have been a good boy in 2011, or have an understanding wife like mine (she only saw that it was 12% off and said go for it!) get yourself an oscilloscope and your starting figuring out stuff on a completely different pace.

And it looks cool :-)


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Well Geir ;-) First you got yourself a 3D Maker Bot and now a scope...you really have a good wife. But don't take this to far...even the best wife has her tresholds ;-)

This is a good piece of technology and I hope it will encourage you to more nice projects. Merry Christmas in advance...since you already got your gift :-)

Thanks lumi and yes I have a great wife! The good thing is that she is heavily into Scrapbooking and for you that knows that hobby will know that it can be real expensive. So it’s a bit ‘Quit pro quo’ in our household when it comes to spending money on our hobbies.

Merry Christmas to you to, and I hope Santa brings you something good this year!

Thanks Geir, God Jul og Godt Nyttår to you too. (i like the internet, this way i even can see how to (say) write this in other languages ;-)

My Christmas gift is also on its way...get a graphic tablet to draw my robot parts ;-)

Especially since the 50MHz Rigol DS1052E can be 'upgraded' to 100MHz with some firmware hacking, since the software and the labels are the only difference between the 2!

I have an oscilloscope with a tiny crt screen and I've thought about this one. It looked good value. Maybe next Christmas.