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soldering alternatives - conductive glue, soldering paste ...?







i am looking for a reliable, not-too-expensive alternative

for soldering connections

& found conductive glue/paste products as listed in the following;


i assume that there is nothing that really replaces

soldering but would like to know, if you probably

tested any of these or may recommend a specific

product suitable for "sticking" components onto pcb's



any hint is highly appreciated!







solder paste/solder glue

... based on silver



solder paste

... needs heat to harden out,

cheaper than silver based glue



"Wire Glue"

... does not need heat to harden out,

based on graphite powder,

cheapest of all i found so far



... selfmade, based on graphite powder









"Wire Glue"

... it's consistence might be too brittle,

using additional expoxy might make up with this issue


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thanks, again, for all of your replies! 

so: no powders, liquids, lotions or alike but "the real thing" ?

i already did a lot of breadboarding* but obviously need to focus on soldering (not glueing) for more permanent circuits ...

(*btw. - i found fritzing.org & cadsoft's "eagle" to be an easy to handle software to archieve breadboarded projects ...).

will get myself more proto boards and practice the hot metal thing :) !


You could just stick to using a breadboard for now. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breadboard

Learning to "glue" parts together or add some paste and heat with a lighter or paint is going to be just as hard or harder than it is to learn to solder. I would not waste my time learning how to use something that is not going to work very well, when I could be simply learning the right way (in the same amount of time or less).

There is no way around this, you are just going to have to learn to solder. It is very easy to learn, and cheap too. Just get a proto board, some solder and copper wire and just go for it.

Is there any reason you are anti-solder? To be honest, I have found most soldering alternatives to be well, not-so-much...

looks as if i need to work on my (english* &) soldering skills -

as for the latter:

i am not working with electronics (or diy'ing) on a regular base,

hence i do lack the practice (& skills) when it comes to soldering

which made me search for an alternative solution

"just stick your component onto the pcb" sounded so pleasant ....

to a beginner like me ...


*please accept my apologies for my broken english ....

Soldering is probably the easiest and quickest.