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Arduino Xbee shield problem


I am trying to communicate between 2 arduinos using 2 xbee shields. I am trying to configure the Xbee shield with PAN ID, address etc. I am using X-CTU utility on a windows 7 64 bit operating system. I am able to configure one of the XBee modules with all the necessary parameters. I am not able to repeat the same for the other module.

I able to communicate to the Xbee shield for the first 20 seconds. During this 20 seconds, the light on the Xbee shield is ON. The xbee shield responds to the communication query test and the serial number is verified. I am not able to repeat the query test after the light goes OFF. Is my XBEE shield broken?


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Once you do the +++ on the xbee to enter command mode, the clock starts. If you snooze, you loose. You just have to be quick with the AT commands, get them in, and then write them to memory. Also, if there is one thing that will always screw you, it is the baud rate. It is super easy to accidentally change your baud rate and then later not be able to "get it". When in doubt, send a ATRE and reset to factory, then try it again. 

Thanks for the reply. I was able to connect and change things until last night. The problem now is that the connection is not long enough that I could actually open terminal and type +++.