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Custom LCD Character Code Generator

Generates Arduino code for custom LiquidCrystal library characters
CustomChar.xls13.5 KB

Hi guys, just posting something that I made up to solve a problem and thought I would share it. I couldn't find a custom LCD character generator that worked on a mac and generated the code as well. This is a spreadsheet that I made up in LibreOffice. It allows you to design a custom character, preview it and generated the code to create the byte array. I made this to work with the Arduino IDE w/ LiquidCrystal library. I hope others find this useful if they dont have something already. p.s this is being used to make some custom chars for a bot that should be up on here soon.

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well done. I am not working with LCDs yet but will keep that file for ruture needs ;-) Thanks!

Nice use of excel!

Actually not excel, it is LibreCalc. (http://www.libreoffice.org/features/calc/)

This is great! Thank you for sharing.

Yer, thanks for sharing, DividexZer0 :)