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Diptrace help


How can i add 3-pin block headers to servos and picaxe download socket to my schematics on diptrace.

And how can i add phototransistors and leds?

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Do you know how i can add that download socket

And how do i add servos 'cause the servos i find were 2-pinned so what will i use???

I don't understand your first question, please be more specific. You can make a part if you can't find it in the libraries, reference the tutorial on how.

Discrete library has an LED part.  NEC library has a PS2501 optocoupler part.  The Opto_Sch library has many optocoupler schematic parts, but you will need to link a PCB pattern to it.  If you go to Library > Search Components... you can search for parts, and also check out the Diptrace tutorial found in Help > DipTrace Tutorial.