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Obstacle avoidance
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Hi everyone I'm from Puerto Escondido, México, and this is the fourth robot I build (mini sumo, line follower, simple 3 servo hexapod and this one), but this is the first I post because the other ones are already dissambled :(.

And just for fun and for introducing myself I present you my Mx LMR-LogoBot based (of course) on the LMR Logo =) and I list the parts of my Bot.

  •  Arduino Mega 2560 Compatible (From DFRobot) $36 USD
  •  SRF05 Ultrasonic clone sensor $4.7 USD
  •  Two Futaba clone servos modified for continous rotation $8 USD each
  •  6V NiMh battery
  •  Mini BreadBoard $3.50 USD
  •  Lots of jumpers for no soldering
  •  Red Led for the Brain
  •  Some meccano parts (tracks and chasis)
  •  Cardboard




For the moment it has a simple code(attached) for obstacle avoidance and its working yet but can't record a video because light conditions, so maybe tomorrow I'll upload one.


  • Update 12/12/2011

 I didn't post the video =(, but there is a good reason, the bot is getting some updates, I'm adding a micro servo for swapping with the ultrasonic sensor, and the one who took me two hours detailling, the brain.

I increase the size of the brain (all is done with a gluegun and patience), some water inside the bulb and more silicon to seal the bulb an one blue led to get a better effect. so I show you the result.


and here's another pic

So the video it's gonna wait because I'm thinking on make some paint labour.

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I love LMR Logo Bots! I await the video. I was hoping to get a close-up pic of the brain too.

wish granted =)

That is a very faithful reproduction of the brain . Love the colour. Good work.

Greetings to Mexico. Well done HaZZa looks promising. Yeah, Jack is right...please more close up's and also a video...we are all video addicted here hahaha.