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The Robot Builder's R-duino V2

Vendor's Description: 

The Robot Builder's R-duino is an Arduino compatible board for building robots. A bit longer than the original Arduino boards, the RBR has the following features:

- ATmega328P microcontroller DIP28 package installed in a socket so you can replace it in case of accidental damage, with Arduino bootloader and Blink sketch installed
- SN754410 dual H-bridge, with 1A continuous current draw per motor (2A peak), also socketed
- 6 connectors for servos (3 pin male headers) with selectable power source by jumper J1
- 6 connectors for sensors (3 pin male headers) with regulated 5V power
- screw terminal connectors for motors
- reset button
- FTDI connector for uploading sketches using a FTDI or USB-serial cable
- ISP connector for uploading sketches using a hardware programmer
- 5V 3A LDO voltage regulator with enough power for electronics and a few mini servos
- 3.3V 250mA LDO voltage regulator, with more power than the original Arduino
- keyed battery connector so you avoid wrong connections and shorting the battery leads like you might do with screw connectors
- power LED (green) and D13 LED (red)
- power switch for electronics (all regulated voltage)
- power switch for motors and servos (unregulated voltage)
- wider board size so the 3 pin headers do not interfere with shields
- doubled the female headers with male headers perfectly spaced so you can build your own shield from perf board or use jumper wires for custom connections
- jumper J1 to select power to the servo connectors, either from battery or from the 5V regulated rail
- jumpers J2 and J3 to select the control mode for the motors, either 2 signal pins per motor, or 3 signal pins per motor, with the loss of 2 signal pins for servos

You can purchase a kit for $30 at http://robotxdesigns.ca

and download the Assembly Guide here: http://robotxdesigns.ca/Files/The_Robot_Builder's_R-duino_V2.pdf