Let's Make Robots!

My Mr.General

Follows objects,roams around and makes alot of funny noises

Got this as a kit however it suffered a bit in the mail, bought the picaxe chip seperate and had to repair a few of the traces going to the right rear corner. Finding the stop position on the servos was more trial and error than anything else, overall I love the little thing. I might build another one to keep it company.

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Is there any wsy you can post the code?

I think it was you who asked me on Youtube about edge detection. Since Youtube changed their appearance the reply button does not work. It always gives an error message with no explanation why.

Have a look here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/24348

The Picaxe version of the code already has edge detection code written. You must rem out the object detection code first as the robot cannot do both. You will also have to reduce the sensitivity of the corner sensors using the supplied heatshrink.

Ahh that will give me something to do on my next few days off :)


That's great!

Sorry to hear he got banged up in the mail. can you show some video of him in action?


Sorry about the poor video quality, it was dark and i was using an old canon powershot a560. but hey workshops are supposed to be dark and spooky...I think...