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A great learning DIY Robot Kit for a Christmas wish

So its that special time of the year for many families around the world. We decided to build a learning robot kit for Christmas, we think it makes for an ideal gift for anyone wanting to learn about robotics. This is a DIY remote control robot kit. This kit is ideal for anyone from beginner to expert. The kit includes an electronic assembly guide along with wiring diagrams and sample codes. For those of you who don’t like reading the manual, great! We encourage you to take these components and make your own version of the Christmas Rover. Since this robot kit is DIY and based on Open Source hardware, its easy to modify for your own projects; add or remove sensors depending on what you want to achieve with your new robot.
This robot kit comes with 3 infrared sensors, 1 ultrasonic sensor, 1 IR receiver and IR Control, 1 Bluetooth module, our wildly popular Romeo microcontroller (Arduino compatible); which is ideal for robotics since it comes with an integrated motor controller, and of course the above pictured 4WD robot platform, wheels and all!
Here is the link for the Christmas Rover.
This will make a great Christmas gift for that special geek in your life. Check out the video below for some Christmas Rover action!
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  1. You need to use a DFRobot 4WD platform:

       Links  for different options:
    * Chirstmas Rover
    * 4WD Mobile Platform
    * 4WD Mobile Platform(with Romeo)
    * A4WD Mobile Robot with encoder

Make your own robot using the included parts and any other items (sensors, motors, costumes, etc...) you might want to add.Make it look good, and most important, have fun!Deadline: February 15th 2012

NOTE: If you already have the 4WD platform you may also participate!

  • Manual for our Chirstmas Rover special: Manual


How the winner will be determined

The winner will be determined by the community. People will be able to vote on their favorite robot until February 25th 2012. The winner will be announced on February 26th 2012. The robots with the most votes will win a coupon. See below for prices.

1st. place: 200 USD Coupon
2nd. Place: 100 USD Coupon
3rd. Place: 35 USD Coupon