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This would work?

Okay so would this pcb setup be okay? Note that there is a jumperwire!

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I'm catching on now...

Ummm, yeah. I'm going to go ahead and agree with everyone on this one, stop using express PCB. There is and always will be an argument about Eagle vs. Diptrace. There is one major agreement though --express PCB and PCB123 are garbage. Don't waste your time learning either of those only to later have to learn Eagle or Dip. 

I recommend you start out building your circuit with a schematic, then you can create a PCB from the schematic (usually under a PCB program's file menu).  The PCB program will then have all of your components and a netlist (tells you which pins need to be routed/connected) so all you should need to do is create a board outline, place your components and route the connections.  You can do this with DipTrace, Eagle, KiCAD, ExpressPCB, and most other PCB CAD programs.

I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH:  Reading tutorials and watching video tutorials will help you learn it quickly and learn it well, expect it to take a few days if you only have a couple hours at a time to devote to learning a new tool.  I also suggest you learn DipTrace now, and not after you have spent time learning ExpressPCB.  TUTORIALS ARE GREAT!!!!  (sorry for yelling)

This looks like an ExpressPCB layout and you probably should not get it manufactured at the state it is now.  I agree that ExpressPCB is very easy to start out with but the manufacturing cost is too high. There is no export to Gerber files from ExpressPCB so your locked in to their production line.

Didn’t you start out with Diptrace? If you want to manufacture quality boards from a low cost board house you probably should try to learn Diptrace instead. There are lots of tutorials online and on youtube.

Without a schematic and an explanation of what you’re building it’s hopeless to check the board. But I can give you some general impression of the layout as I see it.

As the others are saying are you wasting much space and the board manufacturers charge by the size of the board.

You should use the ‘Snap to grid’ function on your lower right hand corner of ExpressPCB to align everything with the 0.1” grid

Traces should never go in right angle corners. Try looking at other layouts.

There are still things not connected like the resistors on the top and some of the LED’s

So, no it probably won’t work and sending it off for manufacturing would be a waste of money. 

Well, I am still curious if this is the schematic or actual PCB but never the less, I can see some issues.

First off, if you are going to have this made, Pat is right --It could be a LOT smaller and save you a lot of money on fabrication. Also, there is no reason to use any jumpers --just make it double sided and you will be all set. Beyond that, there are some components that don't seem to be connected to anything. The 4 resistors and 3 LEDs at the top are all funky. Some of the resistors are only connected at one end, and one is connected to nothing. Also, the 3 LEDs at the top have a ground connected to the positives of the other 2 LED's. I would double check that the headphone jack you are using is the correct one --it seems to have a few extra pads and does not look like the pattern I am used to seeing for headphone jacks. Is this a picaxe chip? If so, I think you may be missing a connection or two. I think that's it.

Is this the schematic or the actual PCB? 

Uhm what is it?

See this is why I like Eagle. It makes you make a schematic and schematics are much easier to understand. 

Oh and if you are going to pay to get this made somewhere most likely you can do a double sided PCB and you could make that board a lot smaller.