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blogging about a book?

I am currently building a bot from "Arduino Robotics" by John Davis Warren, Josh Adams, and Harald Molle.  I would like to blog about my experiences, but I don't want to infringe on any copyright laws are otherwise hinder the sales of this book.  I am doing a few things differently, primarily the body.  I was wondering if anyone had any insight on what I would be able to post if anything at all.

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Not really sure why this would be an issue.  General practice dictates that a person should make a reference to any copy written material in the event of either quoting and or paraphrasing; giving credit to the author. Outside of that, if your intention is not plagiarize and or make a profit from copy written works - you could blog about whatever you like, stating in your own words your "opinion" about the book.  

if  your not making money, selling or giving away copy's publishes won't care for the most part, refer to the book as often as you can. limit direct Quotes ,paraphrase.,don't blog about the book blog about you making a robot using the book or treat it as a revue of the book and how useful it was to you in making your robot ,       

That's what I figured.  I didn't really see an issue, but of course I'm not trying to step on anyones toe or plagerize.  I just wanted to be sure and get a second opinion or two before I started anything.  Thanks for the response and well, I guess I'll get blogging.  Worst case scenario, I get a take down notice lol.

I got curious and I bought the Kindle version of the book so I can read it on my computer or on the tablet. I have to say that this book is THE BOOK for the beginners in robotics. If I had this book when I started, I would have had an easy ride and built more sophisticated robots a lot sooner.

SimpleRobotics, BotFIN, Aaronsuper1, guys, get this book, you need it!

The first 3 chapters are pretty much a crash course in Electronic Engineering and I think it's the 5th or 6th chapter teaches you how to etch your PCB's, which is VERY cool and I look forward to doing my first Arduino sometime this week.  Even after carefully reading the first 3 chapters I refer back to them all the time, with different battery types, etc.  Great book I agree!

My http://letsmakerobots.com/node/26194 is based on a book too. I just build it and wrote the description with naming the book where I got the idea from. I do not see a issue in writing a step-by-step description based on a process written in a book. Go aheady and show us what you've done ;-)